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WDPS Cycling

Congratulations to the 10 Year 6 children and 7 adults who completed the 135 mile inaugural WDPS Tour de Northumberland. The children spent 4 days cycling from : 

Day 1 WDPS to Bellingham

Day 2 Bellingham to  Kielder

Day 3 Kielder to Rothbury

Day 4 Rothbury to WDPS.


This was an epic achievement for these young athletes. WDPS Head Teacher, Mick MingStones, commented that he was incredibly impressed with the manner in which the children encouraged and motivated each other during  challenging ascents including over the exposed MOD ranges.


WDPS Allotments

A huge thank you to WDPS Governor Jim West who creates raised allotment beds for each of our classes. The children are enjoying tending their crops and we look forward to harvesting and cooking outdoors in the new academic year.


WDPS Life Skills Challenge

WDPS has arranged for 5 members of staff to receive Forest School Training in the Autumn term. This is because we are transforming our nature area into a resource that can be utilised to develop bushcraft skills. So don't be surprised if you see children creating shelters, whittling spoons and learning how to purify water.


WDPS Head Teacher, Mick MingStones ,explained that developing bushcraft skills is a module in the WDPS Life Skills Challenge curriculum that aims to equip children with the necessary skills and attitudes so that they can confidently achieve their potential across all Multiple Intelligences.