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The Light goes out at Milecastle!

It was a sad day at Milecastle as Mr Grinling, the longserving Milecastle Lighthouse Keeper had his licence revocated by OfKeep (The Office for Standards in Lighthouse Keeping). The Head inspector - Mr Garrod - found several faults on his vist. Firstly, the heavy rope had not been cleaned of seaweed and was smelly. Next were the buoys - they were deflated! The Union Flag was at half mast and the anchors were rusty. The young apprentice lighthouse keepers were found to be a disorderly bunch and lifejacket drill was seen to be a shambles. When the inspector arrived they were singing a sea shanty with Mr Grinling - all unsatisfactory and requiring improvement. The inspector gave the apprentices an ultimatum - Mr Grinling had to 'shape up' or 'ship out'! The inspector left Mr Grinling in tears but the children decided to write to the inspector so that he might keep his job - after all their has been no shipping problems of the rocks at Milecastle for many a year. A report will be published soon - those sailing past Milecastle have been warned by the coastguard to look out for the rocks especially at low tide around Knop Law Island and beyond the West Denton reef.