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Quad Kids Results

Quad Kids results are as follows:


'A' Team Event - 1st West Denton 968pts, 2nd Milecastle 941pts, 3rd Westerhope 931pts, 4th Newburn Manor 915pts, 5th Walbottle Village 900pts, 6th Beech Hill 844pts, 7th Throckley 833, 8th Waverley 816pts and equal 9th Simonside and Lemington Riverside 724pts each.


Well done the mighty West Denton in team 'A' and 'B'!


'B' Team Event - 1st West Denton 822pts, 2nd Westerhope 808pts, 3rd Milecastle 801pts, 4th Walbottle Village 725pts, 5th Throckley 674pts, 6th Beech Hill 648pts, 7th Newburn Manor 620pts, 8th Waverley 594pts, 9th Lemington Riverside 541pts and 10th Simonside 443pts


Westerhope making great comeback.


'C' Team Event - 1st Westerhope 700pts, 2nd Milecastle 664pts, 3rd West Denton 661pts, 4th Walbottle Village 565pts, 5th Beech Hill 549pts, 6th Waverley 480pts and 7th Throckley 456pts