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Quad Kids - Afternoon Event

The results for the Quad Kids afternoon session were as follows:


'A' Team competition - 1st Milecastle  1150pts,  2nd Beech Hill  1137pts,  3rd Lemington  1090pts, 4th Throckley  1037pts, 5th West Denton  1023pts, 6th Waverley  1000pts, 7th Westerhope  942pts, 8th Newburn Manor  904pts, 9th Simonside  802pts.


'B' Team compettion - 1st Beech Hill  911pts, 2nd Milecastle  895pts, 3rd Waverley  809pts, 4th Westerhope  762pts, 5th Throckley  714pts, 6th Lemington  644pts, 7th West Denton  633pts, 8th Newburn Manor  571pts


'C' Team competition - 1st Waverley  723pts, 2nd Milecastle  690pts, 3rd Beech Hill  677pts, 4th Westerhope  625pts, 5th 435pts.


Well done to everyone of our schools.