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Networks 2015/16

OWLT Network Meetings 2015 – 2016


Please look out for information regarding OWL network groups over the coming weeks. Our new OWL Action Plan for 2015/16 features staff networking a great deal. OWL schools have agreed to designate staff meeting time to networking on a termly basis. See below the proposed initial meeting dates and venues.


Meeting Dates


Wednesday 23rd September 2015


 Wednesday 18th November 2015


Wednesday 20th January 2016


Wednesday 9th March 2016


Wednesday 27th April 2016


Wednesday 22nd June 2016



Initial Meeting Venues and Subjects


Art / Music                             Throckley Primary


Harnessing Technology     Simonside Primary  (already up and running)


Literacy                                  Beech Hill Primary


Maths                                     Lemington Primary


PE                                           Waverley Primary


Science                                 Milecastle Primary


SEN                                        Westerhope Primary


Agendas and areas of focus will be agreed at the initial meeting and venues may change or move from school to school depending on the needs and wishes of each network group.


A lead person for each group will  be identified at the initial meeting  in order to ensure that the  group is kept up to date with activities.