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Milecastle Digital Literacy Training

OWL schools met at Milecastle this week to undertake E-Safety training with Simon Finch. Over fifty of our teachers and support staff from Milecastle, Simonside, Waverley and Newburn took part in the session devoted to digital literacy and the dangers that some of our children face on-line. Simon works for Northern Grid for Learning and was both illuminating and entertaining. Our 'Harnessing Technology' working part are meeting this week also and will implement any recomendations as part of our action plan for the coming year. Follow the links below for more E-Safety information on the Simon Finch or Northern Grid link.


Below are representatives from the OWL Trust at Milecastle. From left to right: Jane McFadyen (Newburn Manor HT); Simon Finch (Northern Grid for Learning); Stephen Thoburn (Waverley - ICT Coordinator); Stuart Pickup (Newburn DHT); Louise Thompson (Simonside DHT).