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'Learning to Learn' INSET

Teachers from OWL Trust schools along the riverside spent their first INSET day of 2015 together once again. The focus of the day was 'learning to learn'. It involved looking at aspects of school life beyond the formal 'new' curriculum. Newburn Manor hosted the day and they were joined by Lemington Riverside and Waverley staff. The thirty plus staff considered the '5Rs of learning' that each school is going to highlight as part of their offer to pupils - these are: readiness for learning; resourcefulness; resilience; responsibility and reflectiveness. The teachers took part in experiential learning tasks and were asked to consider how they would enhance the pupils understanding of 5Rs. They also looked at British Values as a complement to the wider curriculum also.


The teachers plan to revisit the 5Rs regularly during day to day lessons and to provide opportunities that challenge pupils so that 'learning to learn' becomes imbedded across the three schools. This is the third year of working together on aspects of classroom delivery that are aimed at increasing the numbers of potentially outstanding practitioners. It has also been an excellent opportunity to view life in other schools and to build networks.