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In the Trenches!

AGT pupils from Lemington Riverside, Milecastle, Newburn Manor, Simonside and Waverley visited Milecastle's 360 room for a morning in the World War One trenches! 


The 360 room at Milecastle Primary is a unique experience for children to surround themselves with a particular topic or story, with all four walls projected. 


The children, who were selected particular for their talents in writing, spent the morning reading the story 'War game' by Michael Foreman. War Game is set in 1914, where four British boys dream of competing for the national soccer team, but join the English infantry instead. On Christmas day, after months of fighting, war becomes a game when German and British soldiers break all the rules to play soccer and exchange presents.


The morning started with the children reading the story and thinking about how each character would have felt going to war. Then the 

children made the 360 room look more like a trench by gathering trench items, like barbed wire and sandbags. The children we also given a mess tin each filled with wartime treats and essentials. 


The children thought of emotive language to describe how the boys would have felt when they first got there. Then Christmas Day in the story, which saw the British and Germans making peace for one day against the wishes of the leaders. The children wrote a diary entry, as one of the boys, on Christmas Day. They thought about how they would have felt making peace for that one day and there thoughts for the future. 


The children worked extremely hard and produced some excellent diary entries! Well done to all of the staff and children involved (especially the staff involved in making it a great morning at Milecastle!)


All of the children's work, along with photographs is going to be part of a travelling display. We will list the dates of when you display will be in your school on the website, so keep checking back. 


In the meantime, you can view the photos below. There will be more added next week!