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ICT Conference Update

Stephen Thoburn is part of our ‘Harnessing Technology Working Party’.  He attended the ICT for education conference at St James Park and has summarised the highlights of the day for OWL schools. There were a lot of companies selling their new technologies and there were talks from Steve Bunce (curriculum), Chris Wilde (the Build-IT initiative - get children using lego to build and control with programming), Phil Spoors (technology in his school  from Cramlington Learning Village) and Simon Finch (E-safety).


 ICT for education conference – Friday 26th September


Top 4 companies:

LEBA – This Company offers solutions for iPad and laptop storage, charging and syncing. They have a wide range of sizes and can be made to order. They are offering £50 off if you order with them. Prices start from £400.


FUZE – This Company offer more capabilities with the Raspberry Pi. This is a case with a keyboard, which has a Raspberry Pi inside of it. It offers everything the RP offers, with some extras. You can buy it with or without the Raspberry Pi and prices are from £70 to £190, depending on what extras you want.



Doodlemaths – KS2 Numeracy/Maths App. At the moment this is Apple app based only. This is a bit like RM Maths, it assesses the children and adapts according to their level and needs. They are launching it onto android and windows in December and are developing a KS1 version, which will be out in Easter. The price starts at £1.99 per user.



Show my Homework – Online Windows and app based software, which allows teachers to set homework and upload relevant resources and materials. There is an app, which pupils can download on phones and tablets, which imports hand in dates and reminders into their calendar. I would say this one is more for Secondary. The cost is £2 per pupil.


The above four companies are only a handful of the companies who were there on the day. You can find out about all of the companies and their products by visiting:


Other highlights of the day:

  1. Hopscotch - - FREE programming app
  2. Sneak - - £1.49 app, which is a great game for young children, which helps teach about sensors.
  3. ScratchJr – A FREE app based version of Scratch, which is easier to use and has simpler lessons for younger children to complete.
  4. Logic Goats - - classroom and technology based lessons, which teaches children about logic and algorithms
  5. FROG -  - Learning platform to replace the VLE.


Lastly, they mentioned that it is worth asking companies like Google and Dell etc to donate Raspberry Pi’s or other inexpensive technology to help with the teaching of the new computing curriculum.


Thanks for the update Stephen.