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Harnessing Technology Evening

Our Harnessing Technology Group met at Milecastle tonight. Stephen Thoburn (Waverley), Elaine Parlett (Milecastle), Megan Haynes (Milecastle), Justine O'Driscoll (Lemington), Fiona Peters (Newburn), Katherine Thorpe (Throckley) and Mark Outterside (Waverley) were the OWL staff involved.

We discussed the great success of when we had AGT children from a few of our schools attend Milecastle's 360 room for a WW1 theme around War Game by Michael Foreman. Milecastle are in the position of offering this same resource to other schools and Waverley have followed up the day with whole classes - Simonside soon to follow. The 360 room is available for use with other resources. We are going to look to in the future to have an annual theme within the Trust and therefore we can base this around extra curricular days etc. 
The main outcome of the OWL computing survey was the fact we all will be working together on aspects of the curriculum. We also have a Google Drive for the OWL Trust, which initially we are using for people to upload any useful computing resources and sharing this via email.
Justine (Lemington) mentioned they have been offered a Barefoot Computing CPD workshop at their school and would like to know if any other schools would like to join them. Looking at the website ( it will be a useful introduction for teachers about the computer science aspect of the new curriculum. Please let Justine know if you would like to attend (Justine.O' Justine also showed us a great app for the iPad called String augmented reality ( , which is a visualiser app that brings pictures to life. You can see a demo at . You will find the String app in the apple store ( and the pictures you need to print off can be found at: (you will need to save and print). There are a lot of opportunities for create writing and story making. Check it out!

 Fiona Peters (Newburn) mentioned her school are interested in doing an e-book with other schools, we were all thinking it could be a book to show off some excellent work from your school (writing/art etc) instead of being based around one theme. Let her know if you are interested ( Fiona also mentioned a booklet Newburn have made, which details all of their most used apps. She has uploaded a copy to the iPad folder on the Google Drive!


Elaine showed us the assessment tool Milecastle use, which is linked to the pathway progressions. This has been uploaded onto the Google Drive (in the assessment folder). A very easy way to keep track of progress. 


The HT Team will keep you updated later in the term.