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Elections at Simonside!

On Tuesday 31st October, Simonside held its own General Election. Before half term we decided that we would like a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to join our school council. Everybody from Year 2/3 to Year 6 wrote their own manifesto, detailing all the actions they would take if they were to become Prime Minister of Simonside. The school council looked at the applicants from each class and chose one person to go ahead as the candidate for their class. Then, in assembly on election day, the candidates read out their manifesto and the whole school took part in voting after the assembly. The school hall was turned into a polling station! In the next school council meeting, they counted up the votes and the PrimeĀ Minister and Deputy were announced inĀ our Friday assembly. They will now work with the school council to put some of their ideas in place and will greet any visitors to our school.