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2020/21 Admission Policy Consultation

Schools in the Outer West Learning Trust are carrying out a consultation about the 2020/21 Admission Policy, from 5th November 2018 - 16th December 2018. If you would like to read the draft policies of the schools in the Outer West Learning Trust, please visit the individual school websites. The contact details for commenting on the policies will also be listed on the websites.


The schools in the OWL Trust who are consulting on their Admission Policies are listed below.  

  • Knoplaw Primary School

  • Lemington Riverside Primary School

  • Milecastle Primary School

  • Newburn Primary School

  • Simonside Primary School

  • Throckley Primary School

  • Waverley Primary School

  • West Denton Primary School

  • Westerhope Primary School