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Key Information

OWL Trust Aims, Visions & Values


The focus of the Trust’s work will be our shared interest in maximising the achievements of all of the children and young people through building and embedding the capacity for enhanced provision and widening access for the community. This will be done by closer working together on shared priorities and through building stronger relationships with other partners who would not traditionally be available to individual schools.


The Trust’s vision is to build a shared learning community in which children, young people, staff, parents and other partners discover their talents, realise their potential, and develop a passion for learning that endures through their lives.


Our children will:


  • Be inspired to be people of character with a lasting passion for learning
  • Develop an enduring core of competencies and values
  • Have the capabilities to thrive in the 21st Century globalised world
  • Experience a safe and joyful childhood


All schools in the Outer West Trust will:


  • Have high quality staff who have excellent opportunities for development
  • Provide a stimulating, relevant and enjoyable curriculum
  • Create a learning environment that shares and reflects best practice and current educational research
  • Cultivate every child’s skills, enabling them to realise tomorrow’s dreams
  • Work with families and the wider community to enable the best outcomes for children and young people


We will work in a way together which espouses the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. We will endeavour at all times to be honest and open and show social responsibility and caring for others.

Charitable Status


Because our organisation is a charity for tax purposes, it entitles us to claim tax exemptions and reliefs available to charities. This means we can focus funding on pupil activity, training and events.