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The OWL Board

The OWL Board 1 Julie Stuart (HT Throckley) Operations Lead
The OWL Board 2 David Jones (Newburn Manor Primary) OWL Chair
The OWL Board 3 Helen Richardson (Throckley Primary) Vice-Chair
The OWL Board 4 Jess Eatock (HT - Beech Hill)
The OWL Board 5 Suasn Hall (HT Lemington Riverside Primary)
The OWL Board 6 Ms H E Simpson (HT Knop Law Primary)
The OWL Board 7 Lynne Rae (HT Milecastle Primary)
The OWL Board 8 Louise Thompson (HT Simonside Primary)
The OWL Board 9 Mrs Margaret Forster (Gov - Walbottle Village)
The OWL Board 10 Angela Tinning (Governor Rep - Waverley)
The OWL Board 11 Joanne Lockey (West Denton Primary)
The OWL Board 12 Mark Outterside (HT Westerhope)
The OWL Board 13 Deb Tyler (Newcastle LA)
The OWL Board 14 Joanne Clifford Swan (Northumbria University)
The OWL Board 15 Clare Smith (Tyne and Wear Museums and Archive)

The OWL Trust Headteacher Group meeting with partners from the LA and outer west.

The OWL Trust Headteacher Group meeting with partners from the LA and outer west. 1

OWL Trust Board


Beech Hill - Mrs Jess Eatock (HT/Governor Rep)

Lemington Riverside - Mrs Susan Hall (HT)

Knop Law - Ms Liz Simpson (HT)

Milecastle - Mrs Lynn Rae (HT)

Newburn Manor - Mr David Jones (Governor Rep - Chair)

Simonside - Mrs Louise Thompson (HT)

Throckley - Mrs Helen Richardson (Governor Rep - Vice Chair)

Walbottle Village - Mrs Alison Oliver (HT)

Waverley - Mrs Angela Tinning (Governor Rep)

West Denton - Mrs Joanne Lockey (Governor Rep)

Westerhope -  Mr Mark Outterside (HT)

Newcastle City Council - Deborah Tyler 

Tyne and Wear Museums and Archive - Clare Smith

Northumbria University - Joanne Clifford-Swan

Greggs PLC - Justine Massingham 



OWL Trust Community and Leadership


School                        Headteacher                Chair

Beech Hill                               Dame Nicola Nelson-Taylor  Mrs Sharon Little

                                                                            Mrs Jess Eatock 

Knop Law                                Ms Liz Simpson                      Mr Robinson

Lemington Riverside               Mrs Susan Hall                      Mrs Margaret Shipley

Milecastle                               Mrs Lynn Rae                        Mr Bob Morgan 

Newburn Manor                      Mrs Jane McFadyen              Mr David Jones

Simonside                               Mrs Louise Thompson            Miss Lil Collingham

Throckley                                Mrs Julie Stuart                   Mrs Helen Richardson

                                                                                             Mrs Michelle Taberham 

Walbottle Village                   Mrs Alison Oliver                   Mrs Sharon Little

Waverley                                Mrs Wendy Lemming             Mrs Angela Tinning

West Denton                          Mr Mick Mingstones             Mr Joe Gallant

Westerhope                           Mr Mark Outterside               Mrs Brid Fitzpatrick


OWL Trust School Business Management & Administration Network


Beech Hill - Nicole Maguire & Sarah Bewley

Knop Law - June O'Neill

Lemington Riverside - Lisa Casey & Pam Cameron

Milecastle - Lindsey Beaton and Denise Wigham 

Newburn Manor - Joanne Hogarth

Simonside - Susan Dodds

Throckley - Lee Comstock (Lead) & Kate Kennerley (OWLT admin)

Walbottle Village – Danielle Thackray

Waverley - Emma Douse

West Denton - Chris Hollins

Westerhope - Shirley Ridley

Deputy Headteacher Leadership Group

Deputy Headteacher Leadership Group 1

The OWL Trust Business and Finance Group

The OWL Trust Business and Finance Group 1

The Coordinator/Middle Leadership Group

The Coordinator/Middle Leadership Group 1
The Coordinator/Middle Leadership Group 2
The Coordinator/Middle Leadership Group 3