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The Great OWL Proclamation

The Great OWL Proclamation 1



Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…Oh Yeah…


Pray silence for the great OWL proclamation.


Friends, pupils, teachers – lend us your ears!


We are OWL emissaries from the land beyond the walls of our great city – where Robert Curthose, son of William Duke of Normandy, built his mighty ‘new’ castle.


Westward, we have flown on the wings of might birds of prey to West Denton where children race on two wheels and to Waverley where the mighty maple reaches towards the northern skies and then to Lemington aside the majestic Tyne where Puffing Billy once sped.


We have followed the tracks of travellers on foot from across the world where keelman floated coal to waiting ships and where Leslie led Scottish Covenanters and planted cannon at Newburn while fording the river to rout the English.


Past Hedley’s grave and where George Stephenson once stood to Walbottle and to the borders of Northumberland stands Throckley astride the wall of Emperor Hadrian to Simonside insight of the flat topped hill where the Volsunga Saga tells of where the Germanic hero Sigemund's seat once lay.


From there we climb up the Beech Hill and across to Westerhope where 22 million tons of coals were hewn from the earth and then we will rest at Milecastle 9 with gateways broad and walls high - constructed by the Legio XX Valeria Victrix to repel the savages of the frontier.

Now here we stand with a hand of friendship and a pledge to learn together for the good of all.




Picture 1

Waverley pupils from across the school gave a 'Science Showcase' recently as part of their work on electricity. Technology Tom came in to school to demonstrate all sorts of applications that use electricity. The pupils made their own 'buzz off' games and gave their parents, carers and grandparents a showcase of their learning at the end of the week.



The 'buzz off' games demonstrated how useful circuits can be.


We showed the audience the way electricity powers turbines.